Let’s talk about sex, baby….

Can we just get real for a moment?

There is a trend that I have seen in the TTC community that really bothers me.

Maybe it’s me, or my training as a naturopath, but I prefer to call things by their real name.

Using the term “baby dance” makes me think of those funky animated fake babies that dance and jiggle their bodies and play soccer in television beer commercials. Baby dance has nothing to do with the intimate act of lovemaking (aka having sex) that is part of creating a child.

Two days ago I ran across an online article where a woman only used the term “swimmers” while writing about men’s sperm motility issues.
Don’t get me wrong, in my upcoming book about male factor infertility I like to use “swimmers” every once in a while to switch things up. But this woman found the words “sperm” and “semen” so offensive that she CHANGED THE TITLES of the medical studies she referenced to “swimmers”. Is this even allowed?

I think this is going too far.

We are all adults here, right? So let’s use adult terms when we are talking about human reproduction.
We can handle it – we aren’t in 7th grade with Mr. Murphy, our overweight gym/science teacher talking about sperm and eggs and the dude you have a crush on is laughing madly in the back of the class at the mention of (gasp!) VAGINA.

Take a deep breath and repeat after me.
“Vagina. Vulva. Cervical Mucus. Ovulation. Penis. Sperm. Semen. Sex. Hot sex. Orgasm.”

Now, that’s much better.

Wishing you a cervical mucus-filled day with lots of baby dances. Olé!

Still shy about using these terms? Feel free to tell me why.

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