Increasing Cervical Mucus

How to Increase your Cervical Mucus

First of all, what is fertile cervical mucus (CM) aka egg white cervical mucus (EWCM) and why is it so important?

You may have noticed when you wipe or on your panties your discharge changes throughout the month. Before ovulation, your estrogen increases and causes your cervical mucus to go from thick to thinner, to a stringy, stretchy egg white consistency to sometimes a watery discharge. This is all completely normal and a positive indication of hormonal and vaginal health!

Healthy cervical mucus assists sperm to get to the uterus and to their goal of meeting the egg in the fallopian tubes. Egg white cervical mucus (EWCM ) contains nutrition for sperm and creates “lanes” for sperm to swim through and help it on its journey.

Right before ovulation, your body does something magical. Your cervical mucus turns thinner, more alkaline, and with a higher amount of electrolytes and starts “ferning”. This ferning action can be observed under a microscope. In fact, many women use a small hand-held microscope at home to observe their cervical mucus to see when they are about to ovulate. Considering that research has shown EWCM to be more effective at timing intercourse for conception than tracking ovulation, this is a very wise move.

Sperm-friendly cervical mucus is alkaline in nature. This lower PH comes directly from the foods you consume. Eat lots of dark leafy greens and eliminate acidic foods (see below) from your diet.

But first a WARNING: L-arginine

Many websites proclaim L-arginine is good for cervical mucus because it increases nitrous oxide and consequently, blood circulation and potentially increasing cervical mucus. According to research, L-arginine has been shown to decrease egg quality and embryo quality in IVF studies. Therefore, I do NOT recommend it for increasing cervical mucus. There are other supplements and herbs that can help instead. Researchers hypothesize that while the micro-circulation is increased it the eggs are then swimming in a soup of excess fluid and exposed to chemicals, etc which affect their quality. Who wants great cervical mucus but poor egg quality? No need when you follow the other steps listed here for increasing cervical mucus/EWCM.

Main Causes of Low Cervical Mucus (CM)


As you may well know, increased adrenaline and cortisol can wreak havoc in the body. What you may not know is that excess cortisol production can “steal” from the precursor hormone that makes your sex hormones. Lower sex hormones, in turn, affect your cervical mucus and potentially your fertility.

Acidic diet

Caffeine, sugar, bread, and most meats – especially pork-  are highly acidic. Concentrate on adding more alkaline foods to your diet: veggies, lots of leafy greens, fruits, lemon water throughout the day.


You can’t make cervical mucus without enough water circulating in the body. Tired of plain water? See tips below.


Suffer from hay fever? Antihistamines not only dry up the mucus in your nose, but also mucus produced in your cervix.


Some lubricants reduce the quality of cervical mucus. Not only that but expose your lady parts to a host of nasty petrochemicals. (see more below)

Lack of blood flow

Most often from sitting at a desk all day long and cutting off circulation to your reproductive organs. Movement is essential for a healthy uterus.


Coffee, tea and other forms of caffeine in chocolate, etc are dehydrating, not to mention very acidic. Caffeine also has been shown to negatively impact overall fertility in men and women (ahem! That means your man needs to ditch the Red Bulls and excess coffee, pronto!)

Fertility medications

Ironic, but true. Fertility medications, particularly Clomid, have a negative effect on cervical mucus.


Please have your doctor run some tests to rule out any of the above.

Laser treatment or cryosurgery for cervical dysplasia / HPV

Laser surgery can, in rare cases, scar the mucus producing glands in the cervix. If this is the case with you, please work with your doctor to discuss your options as the tips listed here will not be effective in increasing your cervical mucus.

How to increase your cervical mucus naturally

There are many things you can do naturally to increase your cervical mucus. By following these recommendations consistently, you should see an improvement in your cervical mucus within approximately two-three cycles.

Reduce Stress

It can’t be emphasized enough, finding ways to de-stress daily is essential to increasing not only your cervical mucus but your fertility. Start by creating one new habit – e.g. meditating, or journaling, and do it daily to clear your mind, lower cortisol, and give your nervous system a break.

Increasing Blood Flow to the Pelvis

Movement, everything from walking, climbing stairs, to working out can help the blood flow in your pelvis. The best for your pelvis is sex. During intercourse your reproductive organs get flooded with blood and let’s be honest, this type of exercise is fun!

Vitamin A

It increases the quantity and quality of your cervical mucus. Add carrots and pumpkins to your diet. Vitamin A is fat soluble vitamin so enjoy them with a bit of oil (e.g. raw carrot with hummus, or cooked in coconut oil) or add spirulina to your morning smoothie.

Stay hydrated

 Yes, we have all heard it before – 8 glasses of filtered water a day. But if you work in A/C or in the winter have dry indoor air from heating, 8 glasses are not enough.

Tired of water plain water? Try cucumber water- simple add sliced cucumber to your water.  Coconut water is extremely hydrating and tastes fantastic. Lemon water- a few squeezes in your (non-plastic) water bottle gives you the added bonus of Vitamin C and stimulating the liver.

Eat more Greens

Our mothers were right, eating your green veggies will keep you healthy. Greens also increase friendly fertile cervical mucus by increasing its alkalinity.

Grapefruit juice

Particularly the week before ovulation is a wonderful cervical mucus booster.

Correct lubricant

Use a sperm-friendly non-toxic lubricant such as Pre-Seed. Coconut oil is a wonderful lubricant but does not simulate cervical mucus as much as pre-seed, or other brands such as yes, yes lubricant.

Get off antihistamines

Get to the root cause of your allergies instead! Antihistamines dry up the mucus in your nose and in your cervix. Acupuncture and herbal remedies one season before your allergies kick in can be tremendously helpful. Looking into food intolerances is also highly recommended. Often food intolerances exacerbate hay fever and allergies.

Vitamin C

Not only is this power-packed vitamin good for your immune system, but it also increases your cervical mucus, too. Try 800 – 1200 mg throughout the day. This should never be combined with grapeseed extract if you have high blood pressure or a blood-thinning disorder – despite what other sites recommend.


Shatavari, Licorice Root, and Red Clover (flower) are wonderful to increase cervical mucus

Evening primrose oil

Its fatty acids are known for increasing healthy cervical mucus.

Omega 3 oil capsules

This fatty acid helps to build cervical mucus and is essential for your baby’s brain development. DO NOT BUY it from your local drugstore. Go online and check for tested brands. Otherwise, you will be exposing yourself to mercury from contaminated fish sources. Another option is to add flaxseed or walnut oil to a smoothie or grind up two tablespoons of flaxseeds and eat them daily.

Acupuncture and acupressure

Often there are other symptoms that coincide with your low cervical mucus that can be helped with acupuncture. If possible, work with an acupuncturist. There are also acupressure protocols you can do at home to improve cervical mucus but it is best to work with a professional acupuncturist if possible.

I hope you feel informed and empowered after reading all about how to increase your cervical mucus. It can be done! Healthy cervical mucus keeps sperm alive for their long journey to the fallopian tubes and increasing your cervical mucus can help those little swimmers do their job.

In love and service,

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