Detox and Hormone Support

Refuel your body. Increase your energy. Become more centered.

Hi, I'm Anne. Naturopath, Energy Healer, formerly frazzled mother and third phase of life (aka post-menopausal) thriver.

Through working with women and my own experience juggling motherhood and a career, I help women regain their energy, vitality and hormonal balance especially during perimenopause.

Because let's face it - taking a random supplement a friend recommended or trying that new fad diet isn't moving the needle with how you are moving through life. There is another way beyond brain fog, snapping at your kids and depending on coffee to get through the day. It's time to get support and feel invigorated and yes, even sexy again.

Here's three ways I can support you - or book a support session mentioned in the video here.


DETOX I Program

Detoxification is one of the pillars of good health. Modern life means constant exposure to heavy metals, hormone-mimicking chemicals, and pathogens which can deplete the body of vital energy needed for vitality. The Detoxification program targets your personal needs and supports your body in ridding harmful substances.

The Detox I Program includes:
• Detoxification Fundamentals online course
• One coaching session (30 minutes)
• Suggestions for detoxification based on your personal needs
• Recording of the session and additional guidelines



DETOX II Program

The Detox II Program includes everything in Detox I but is more tailored to your needs and provides additional personal support. This is an excellent option particularly for those that have never done a detoxification protocol before.

This 6-week program includes:
• Detoxification Fundamentals Online Course
• 3 x One-on one sessions via zoom (30-45 minutes each)
• Recommendations for additional testing (if needed)
• Ongoing Support via Telegram



Perimenopause Program

One of the most important times in a woman's life is the ten - 15 years before she enters menopause. Online and in the media, there is a lot of focus on fertility and menopause, but the phase in between is often neglected. Perimenopause is a unique time of time where the body is changing after its primary child-bearing years and transitioning into menopause. Many women start to experience changes in their body and other issues such as sleep disturbances, fluctuating libido, less energy, etc and are at a loss at how to support their bodies with its changing hormonal status. The more a women supports her body in this phase, the easier her transition into menopause will be. 

In this 3-month Program we focus on detoxification, energy optimization, hormonal balance, and the mental / emotional aspects of perimenopause. We will work together towards supporting your body to more easily handle the demands of this phase of life and provide you with the fundamentals of health in perimenopause and beyond.

This 3-month Program includes:

• Detoxification Fundamentals online course,
• 90-minute initial session
• 4 x follow up sessions (60-75 minutes each)
• Between session support via Telegram


The Perimenopause Program

We will work together towards supporting your body to more easily handle the demands of this phase of life and provide you with the fundamentals of health in perimenopause and beyond. The Perimenopause Program includes:


Detoxification Fundamentals Online Course from Detox I program along with personal support and personal guidance. Get clear on the proper steps for lymphatic drainage, opening detoxification pathways and the best detox protocol for your situation.

Detailed Intake

Our initial 90 minute one-on-one session gives us an opportunity to explore your current health status and goals.

Sessions throughout the Program

Additonal 4 follow up sessions (60-75 minutes each via zoom) are dedicated to assessing how you are progressing on your personalized program. We will check in and make adjustments to the protocol if necessary. you'll hve my guidance every step of the way

Lifestyle Evaluation

Your hormonal balance is a direct reflection of how your system functions in your environment and daily habits. We will take a close look at your current routines and make improvements to re-charge your health and energy levels.

Healthy eating plan

Keto? Paleo? Blood Type diet? There is so much conflicting noise about diets these days. There is no one diet that is suits everyone for every phase of life. We will dedicate time to this aspect of your health.

Ongoing Support

If you have a quick follow-up question or need to clarify a step in the protocol - no need to wait until our next session. You receive on going support via Telegram.

Get clarity. Book a one-hour support session where you will receive your first action steps. The fee can be deducted from the Detox II and Perimenopause Program.

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