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Did you know it takes 3 months for cells to develop into eggs?

Everything you are exposed to now will determine how healthy the undeveloped cells that turn into eggs will be. Consciously changing your health will positively impact the health of your eggs.

In the 6-12 months before conceiving a child it is vital to take stock of your present health and habits. Many things that are considered “normal” (PMS, migraines, digestive issues, etc.) are actually signals from your body that indeed something is out of alignment.


The effects of what you consume today, chemical exposures and stress accumulate over time. This influences not only your fertility, but can have an epigenetic effect on your offspring. Preconception care is all about creating a healthy environment in your body before conceiving. Vitality, radiant health and a soulful connection lay the foundation for a fertile body.

The 3-step Conscious Preconception Program begins 6 months before conceiving a child in order to give you optimal health & fertility:

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Eliminate toxins. Support the body.

Environmental toxins, stress, and chemical exposure can wreak havoc on your body and impact fertility. A healthy internal environment is the foundation of vibrant health.

The 30-Day Detox Program is the core element to creating a healthier you. Detoxification techniques, kidney and liver support, and nutritional tools are included to clear detoxification pathways.

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Increase your vitality. Enjoy vibrant health.

This step addresses not only the physical aspects of both partners, but also their emotional, mental and spiritual health. Reducing imbalances in relationships including relationship with self, work, family and the community.

Methods to increase energetic flow using Oriental Medicine are incorporated, along with various healing practices to support reproductive health are covered.


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Preparation. Clarity. Passion.

This is the FUN part! This course goes from rather technical to increasingly juicy. Recognise and increase your fertility. Chart and learn your fertility signs, increase partner health. Deepen a loving connection with your partner. Create a soul connection with your future child. 

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The 6 Elements of Optimal Fertility™

When most people think of fertility, they think of their physical health, hormones and perhaps their partner’s reproductive health. There are additional, equally important contributing factors to fertility. My unique 6-Elements of Optimal Fertility™ includes:
  • Physical: Increase physical vitality, nutrition, absorption of nutrients and hormonal health
  • Mental: Techniques to decrease stress, increase belief in your body’s ability to conceive
  • Spiritual: Explore the spiritual aspects of having a child; connect with your child’s spirit
  • Home: Creating the ideal “nest”, energetic clearing of space, rituals
  • Emotional: Preparing for pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, replacing negative beliefs
  • Relationships: Enhance and thrive in nurturing relationships, create a network of support


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Settled, excited and ready?

Perhaps you are already trying to conceive (TTC) or plan to begin your conception journey within the next 6 months. There are important steps to take before conceiving. Your overall health, vitality, and stress levels affect your health and that of your fertility. No matter what your age, it is important to prepare for conception and pregnancy.
Benefits of the Conscious Preconception Program:
  • Create a preconception plan
  • Optimise your health
  • Align fertility with your conception goals

Late 30’s and beyond?

Only in a healthy environment can eggs truly thrive and a healthy pregnancy can develop. Detoxification and revitalisation are important steps in improving our health, potentially reversing biological age and decreasing symptoms of PCOS and endometriosis. In the time 6 months before conception is essential to build vital energy before experiencing the demands of pregnancy and motherhood.

Benefits of the Conscious Preconception Program:
  • Reverse biological age
  • Balance hormones
  • Improve vitality
  • Align and improve fertility

If you are over 35, or have been diagnosed with PCOS or endometriosis, we highly encourage you to follow the preconception program before conceiving.

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