The Conscious Preconception Bundle

Creating a healthy baby starts even before getting pregnant.

Ready to make a baby soon? Fantastic! As a naturopathic fertility specialist and founder of Conscious Preconception, I support couples seeking to optimize their health and fertility before conceiving. If you are looking to boost your chances of having a healthy baby, prepare your body for pregnancy and looking for recommendations from a fertility specialist, you are in the right place.

Preconception preparation can have a positive impact on pregnancy, the post-partum period and ultimately, your baby's health. In fact, research shows that preconception care decreases the likelihood of postpartum depression, preeclempsia, premature birth and ASD.

These days taking a prenatal and not drinking alcohol are simply not enough.  Our modern world and its toxic levels of heavy metals, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, etc affect the body and potentially your baby's health. Ideally, both partners will detoxify the body 3-6 months before getting pregnant.

The preconception period is the most valuable time you have to positively influence your health and the health of your future baby.


So much information is centered around prenatal (pregnancy) care. But by the time a baby is conceived, the child's energetic imprint, constitution, and DNA have already been established. Yes, prenatal care is extremely important, but in hindsight, many mothers now understand the importance of taking steps months before conceiving to prevent issues later down the road.

A special phase - The Preconception Period

All parents want the best for their children. Now more than ever it is important that both parents prepare before conceiving a baby. Mom and dad are both 50% of the genetic equation. When you both detox and implement healthier habits, the better genetic material you potentially have to give to your future children.

Did you know it takes roughly 72 days for sperm to mature? And 90 days for eggs? Making the most out of the time before eggs and sperm mature are the biggest gift you can give your baby.
The preconception period is a special season of life where you start to prepare your body, mind, soul and relationship for welcoming a child into your family. This bundle are a great first step in your journey.

As a European-trained Naturopathic Practitioner specializing in Fertility, I know what it takes to give your baby the best chances for a healthy future

The Preconception Baby Bundle empowers you on your journey to parenthood.

The Bundle includes:

- 12 easy-to-use Guides touching on physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your preconception journey
- Detoxification Guide - 7 Steps for safe detoxification to lower the body's toxic burden
- Fertility enhancing foods Guide and what to avoid
- Sweet Slumber Guide - sleep is more important than exercise when it comes to balancing your hormones.
- Cycle Charting for optimal conception and temperature implications for thyroid health
- Prenatal and Supplement Guide
- An introduction to Somatic and Embodiment Practices
- 33 mind/body Fertility Affirmations
- A practical Habit Tracker to implement fertility-supporting routines
- Fertility Mudras Guide
- Yoga Nidra Guide
Preconception Checklist
- Plus… additional resources

Price : $ 55


Prepare for pregnancy and consciously conceive your baby.

The three months before conceiving are the most important for your child's health. The Bundle has everything you need for a solid start all in one place. 



Whats next:

Upon payment, you can download the Conscious Preconception Bundle zip file on to your computer to start your journey.

The Preconception Baby Bundle is for women that :

… are feeling called to take matters into their own hands to prepare for their baby

… want to save time, plan, and learn about preconception care

… yearn to do what they can and be proactive, even before conceiving their baby

… desire easy-to-absorb information without investing in a full course or one-on-one sessions

… feel compelled to start their journey in the near future

Who the Preconception Baby Bundle is not for:

… women just about to go through an IVF cycle. While some parts of the bundle can certainly be supportive, the bundle is more geared towards those that have at least 3months (preferably 6 months) to prepare for pregnancy. This is the amount of time needed to increase fertility parameters (egg quality, sperm, detoxify, etc).

… women and couples that need more than a DIY approach. The bundle is for you to work through independently.

… those looking for a general preconception to-do list and a standard prenatal recommendation. The information contained in the bundle is to assist you in making the best decisions for your individual needs and goes beyond simple one-off recommendations and standard fertility advice.

Frequently asked questions

How many guides are in the bundle?

There are twelve guides in total, plus a checklist to help organize the steps in the process.

How soon can I start working with the material?

As soon as payment is complete - check your inbox

What is your refund policy?

The Conscious Preconception Bundle is a digital product with immediate access. Therefore, it is a non-refundable product.

Price : $ 55


For less than a meal out, you will receive: 12 Preconception Guides with solid recommendations and practical steps from a fertility specialist.

Ready to prepare for your pregnancy and baby? Sign up here.

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