Are the pitter-patter of little feet one of your goals this year? Join this workshop to get a head start!

The Baby Planning 3-hour Workshop
Your Preconception Starter Kit

Even if you have been researching for awhile, you’ll learn something new in this workshop.

In Conceive 2021 workshop, you’ll save tons of time, endless searching and get answers to your questions about conceiving your beautiful baby in 2021.

What to expect


In this workshop we’re going to cut out the time-wasting googling madness and get straight to the point.

We’ll cover how to properly plan for your pregnancy. How the preconception phase affects your pregnancy and the health of your baby. What a fertility expert recommends before pregnancy.


The Conceive in 2021 Baby Planning workshop will also cover two important aspects most experts don’t talk about: strengthening your relationship with your partner and finances.

Have you ever learned new information and thought to yourself “Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier?” That is the type of workshop this will be – foundational & incredibly important on your journey to conceive.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How preconception planning can prime your fertility
  • The 4 main areas of focus during the preconception phase
  • Realistic timeframe to reduce stress and increase fertility action steps,
  • Q&A session to answer your questions

Conceive in 2021 is for you, if you:

  • want to have a baby this year
  • are about to start trying to conceive
  • are actively trying to conceive

Frequently asked questions

I’ve been TTC for awhile, can this help?
Even ‘experienced’ TTCers enjoy the workshop and new things for their journey. But this is geared towards those just starting TTC.


Is this workshop helpful for IUI?
The preconception suggestions are to increase your health, vitality and therefore the health of your eggs which is the ultimate goal, regardless of how you conceive. IUI / IVF are not specifically mentioned though - that is outside the scope of the 3-hour workshop.

About Anne

Anne Lane is a Naturopathic Practitioner specializing in increasing and extending fertility. She helps couples create the family of their dreams with her 5-point method incorporating holistic and functional medicine practices.

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