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Hi! I’m Anne. A naturopathic practitioner, fertility coach, healer and writer dedicated to creating a healthy future generation. That all starts with you - the future parent.

As an expat that combines European training with American practicality I see outside of the box.

My focus is on energy. In particular, all forms of energy that serve as the driver of one of the most energy-intensive acts: reproduction. Starting with the fundamentals, I incorporate modalities to support building your energy, health and vitality that can not only positively impact your epigenetics but also help support your pregnancy.

There is more to this journey than taking a prenatal or tracking ovulation. The path to parenthood is about clearing the physical vessel and creating space to welcome in a new soul. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your journey to parenthood, have been trying to conceive for awhile, or have fertility issues,  everyone can benefit by preparing for pregnancy.

I help couples like you create a healthy family by focusing on the pre-pregnancy/ preconception period.

In fact, here are a few ways I might be able to support you already.

Want to start detoxing but aren’t sure where to start? Take this quiz to see if you need to detox.

Have a timeframe to getting pregnant and want to get a jumpstart? I’ll show you a self-guided roadmap for your journey.


(BTW This is my son refusing to have his photo taken like a typical teenager....)

  • Suspect that you might have non-physical blocks to your fertility - but aren’t sure where to get more guidance? I’ll lead you through a process to dive deeper.
  • Crave more information before you conceive —and can’t seem to find answers to your specific fertility needs? I’ll work with you to create an individualised approach to increase your fertility.

My own fertility journey was a long one. Back in 2001, while still a newlywed, we learned that we would have to undergo some form ART (artificial reproductive technology) in order to create our family. We were also told there was “nothing that could be done” to improve our chances.

The truth is: there are things that can be done to increase fertility. How? By addressing your energy potential.

The very things that affect your energy can be approached proactively and help increase chances of healthy conception. Environmental exposures, lifestyle choices, diet, heavy metals, hormonal balance all influence your total energy and therefore fertility.

There is more to this process, though. Creating a baby and welcoming a soul into your family goes beyond just the physical aspects of the body. Other components that can influence fertility are major stressors such as personal, or generational traumas and relationship patterns that can also consume energy that would otherwise be used for reproduction.

If I knew then what I subsequently learned through my years of holistic naturopathic and fertility training, things might have gone differently.  In the end, we ended up choosing a different path to parenthood. We adopted (I am also adopted) and my formerly sweet and cuddly babies are now 2 teenagers capable of eating the whole fridge in one sitting. Time really does fly.

People often ask how I got into this work.

It is partially personal, and partially my curiosity about some alarming trends.

Before I was even ready to become a mother, I was incredibly concerned about the rising trend of infertility and health / neurological issues in children.
I wanted to know, why is it that children have issues and others don’t? What are some of the contributing factors to infertility and healthy children? What is going on in the world and how can we turn this ship around?

I was also passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: teaching, yoga, body energy systems, quantum mechanics, European healing traditions, Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine, energy medicine, detoxification, spirituality, and psychology, just to name a few.

After a teaching career and eventually naturopathic school in Germany, I realized that my unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength that could help other people.

After passing my board exams in 2007 and additional training in fertility in 2019, I started working with women before trying to conceive.

I created “Conscious Preconception” because I knew no one was addressing the root problems of children’s health: parents need to prepare more before getting pregnant.

What is missing from this conversation is the energy behind conception. All the components that contribute to energy are what ultimately power fertility.

I believe the souls coming in today are special.

I have a feeling you are here because you feel the same way.

Children born today are a reflection of the groundwork done before they are even conceived. These children are reflections of their parents and environment. I believe there are simple yet critical steps to be taken before the egg and sperm even meet. The more energy and fewer toxicants you have, the better your epi-genetic imprint that is passed on to your children.

No matter where you are on your conception journey, you have the power to positively influence your energy and genetics. The simple fact is, IVF can only work with the genetic material it is provided. The one that can influence your future child’s health is you - before even getting pregnant. Preconception has a tremendous impact on having a baby.

If you have read this far - thank you! I hope this is the beginning of getting to know one another better. The first step is to join the muse letter here. Or follow me on Instagram. Please note: I am a human being. Motherhood, running a coaching business, etc means I might now show up every day on social media, but when I do, I am show up 100%. The best way to reach me is through my Telegram channel.

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