Consciously conceive a healthy baby.

What if you could start your journey to motherhood by feeling prepared, informed and in the best hands possible? How would you feel if you could wake up in the morning knowing that you have done everything possible to ensure the health of your future baby?

I am a specialist in helping women unlock, connect with and increase their fertility using my 6-element Optimal Fertility Method™. Creating a healthier future generation through preconception care is my greatest passion.

My unique approach stems from my work with pre- and post-natal women. Guiding women through their conception journey has given me insight to what works when it comes to improving health which in turn creates ease in pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby.

Whether you are just starting out trying to conceive or have been on this path for awhile, using my experience, the latest in scientific research and a sprinkling of magic - I can help you increase your health and therefore, your fertility.

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Introducing The Conscious Preconception Program

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Eliminate toxins. Support the body.

Environmental toxins, stress, and chemical exposure can wreak havoc on your body and impact fertility. A healthy internal environment is the foundation of vibrant health.

The 30-Day Detox Program is the core element to creating a healthier you. Detoxification techniques, kidney and liver support, and nutritional tools are included to clear detoxification pathways.

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Increase your vitality. Enjoy vibrant health.

This step addresses not only the physical aspects of both partners, but also their emotional, mental and spiritual health. Reducing imbalances in relationships including relationship with self, work, family and the community.

Methods to increase energetic flow using Oriental Medicine are incorporated, along with various healing practices to support reproductive health are covered.

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Preparation. Clarity. Passion.

This is the FUN part! This course goes from rather technical to increasingly juicy. Recognise and increase your fertility. Chart and learn your fertility signs, increase partner health. Deepen a loving connection with your partner. Create a soul connection with your future child. 

The first step to conceiving starts here.

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As a Naturopathic Practitioner with over 10 years’ experience supporting women with their health issues, I can help with the questions you have, assist at any point in our conception journey whether it be natural or Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART). I believe:

  • The preconception health of the mother and father greatly influence the health of their future children.
  • It is possible to reverse the trend of children born with ADD, ADHD, and Autism spectrum disorders.
  • Women have even more of a need now than 15 years ago to prepare their bodies before conceiving.
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