World Fertility Day

šŸŒ· Today is World Fertility Day šŸŽˆ

Itā€™s a sign of the times when a day is chosen to bring worldwide awareness to a growing concern: being fertile and remaining fertile.

This is an issue that affects one in seven couples.

It is still assumed that women are mainly responsible for #infertility but men contribute in up to 50% of cases.

It is time to bring awareness to saving fertility and increasing reproductive health by focusing on the preconception period.

When couples actively work on increasing their energy, detoxing, diet, and maximizing their overall health for 6 months prior to conceiving, this has a HUGE positive effect on the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy.

The more you prepare your body for getting pregnant – this is especially important if you are doing IVF – the better.

Today is in honor of all those on the path to parenthood. Spread the word and share this with a couple that is trying to conceive.

Photo by Hana El Zohiry on Unsplash

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