Conscious Preconception

You’re ready to have a baby. Fantastic!

Conceiving a baby is more than a physical act. It is inviting a soul into your physical vessel.

Conscious preconception is the act of consciously and pro-actively preparing for pregnancy by optimising your energy potentials and preparing your vessel. Addressing your body, mind and relationship before creating a family is an important and often missed foundational step.

I’m here to support you to have the healthiest baby possible. Modern life, with its stressors and environmental exposures can negatively influence conception and the health of your future baby. The best way to counteract these influences is to start at the physical level by detoxifying and increasing your energy potential before getting pregnant.

Traditional cultures have always understood that the time before conceiving (preconception) is just as important as the time in the womb (pregnancy). Let’s start you off on the optimal path before trying to conceive. Have we not properly met? Allow me to introduce myself here.

Children born today are a reflection of the groundwork done before they are even conceived. These children are reflections of their parents and environment. I believe there are simple yet critical steps to be taken before the egg and sperm even meet. The more energy and fewer toxicants you have, the better your epi-genetic imprint that is passed on to your children.

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The Conscious Preconception Program

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Detox and Fertility Courses
Lean into your body's signals

Self-guided courses to optimize your fertility, increase health

create ease during pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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One-on-One Coaching
Vitality. Clarity. Support.

Fertility Coaching can be used for a couple or individual.

Learn the quickest way to make the biggest impact on your fertility through an individualized protocol.

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Men and Subfertility
Male Factor Infertility

We have created a separate website for men encountering fertility challenges.

You can find more at malefactorinferility.com

The first step to conceiving starts here.

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No matter where you are on your conception journey, you have the power to positively influence your energy and genetics.

The simple fact is,  even IVF can only work with the genetic material it is provided. The one that can influence your future child’s health is you - before even getting pregnant. Preconception has a tremendous impact on having a baby.

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